Gender's Role In Society: The Idea Of Gender Roles

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The idea of gender roles stems from gender identity and gender norms; meaning that gender roles were created because a concept of society claims different genders act and look in different ways from another and the idea that certain things that one gender does is acceptable for one but not for the other. In american culture and multiple others male gender receives the role of masculinity which is associated by strength level, dominance, and aggression. Although males receive the masculinity role, females take on the role of feminism associated with neutering, submissive, and lower ranking behaviors. Gender roles have been enforced since the beginning of the 1900s, at a very young age gender roles are introduced to individuals by guardians. Each gender falls completely accepting to the assigned roles and over time roles began to evolve due to each gender creating different norms and transforming old ones (Dictionary of American History). Gender roles and stereotypes are linked to race, class status and obviously gender. These roles and stereotypes create…show more content…
Females are the minority group when it comes to gender roles, this is an issue because it limits freedoms and the female outlook in society. The male race take the majority role of masculinity, in many instances this is a good thing for the female race because males are known as protectors, this is a major issue because men will believe that it is improper to act in a sensitive manner. The issue of gender roles and stereotypes is such a big deal because it limits freedoms and an individual 's rights to think on their own, these roles and stereotypes are constantly changing and evolving causing different conflicts in society as long as time and society go

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