Gender And Gender

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Gender: Male and Female
In life, all living things are classified as male or female, depending on their physiology and their psychology. Females are supposed to act as feminine as possible and males are supposed to act as masculine as possible; though most males and females act in between. Men sometimes cry and females sometimes hit. Humans are naturenurtural, so distinguishing biology from gender is difficult in many cases. Gender describes the male and female characteristics that a society puts forth. Gender emerges from the combination of our bodies, cultures and individual experiences. (Fuentes p.182). Media, parents, peers, and siblings, whether conscious or unconscious, help in the shaping of our gender. Though biological differences influence gender, many other factors have a greater influence on the person’s acquiring of gender.
Men and Women come from the same species “homo sapiens”, which means they are more similar than different. Physically, men and women look differently and have different chromosomes that define them. Males have the XY chromosomes, and the females have the XX chromosomes, which cause the major physical and physiological differences. “Bodily tissues do not always take the exact same shape” (Fuentes p.163). Even though cells are the same in all human beings they evolved into different organs like breasts in the females, ovaries… and testis in the male, penis… Males and females behavioral differences are not explained by the differences in their reproductive organs. However, some males tend to be stronger and taller than some females. Another difference between males and females is the amount of each hormone found in both the male and the female. Since both male and female developed in the same way, i...

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...he world around us shape who we are. Through siblings, parents, peers, and the media, people acquire gender consciously and unconsciously. Despite biological differences found between the two sexes, differences in other factors influence how the person acquires gender.

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