Gay Stereotypes In The Film Brod

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In today’s generation, gays are one of the primary topics when it comes to gender sensitivity in mass media. And that, acceptance of the society to gays do not require religion, nationality and sexual orientation because of social media, social networks and other medium of mass media, the gays started to be judged and studied in our society. The researchers have decided to take a critical look into the portrayal of gay characters in the independent film “Brod”. This study, thus, centers on how the gay characters and their characteristics are portrayed in the film ‘Brod’ (i.e. initiating conversation, its internal and external factors and even nonverbal such as eye contact, use of personal space and touching). The researchers want to disctss the equities and inequities encountered by the gay characters in a fraternity happening in the film ‘Brod’ in terms of Linguistics, Visualization and Gay stereotypes depicted from mainstream films and independent films in the country. The gay stereotypes depicted in the selected movies are the effeminate gays and discreet gays. The effeminate gays are portrayed in the films as cross-dresser, parlorista, with flamboyant lifestyle and feminine mannerism. Majority of the stereotypes depicted on the films leaned towards the “Bakla” who is the very subject of ridicule and discrimination in a macho and paternalistic society like Philippines. (Reyes etl., 2012). The researchers want to study the portrayals of the ‘closeted gays’ inside the film ‘Brod’. The study covers the equities and inequities that the closeted gay characters with regards to their language, visuals and performance. Statement of the Problem: How are the gay characters in the film ‘Brod’ portrayed? Objectives To analyze the representation of the characteristics in the film ‘Brod’ To discuss the equities and inequities encountered by the gay characteristics in fraternity in the film ‘Brod’ in terms

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