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  • Theorising Heterosexism for Social Work Education

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    many systems is heterosexism. This paper will cover what heterosexism is, the effects of heterosexism, how heterosexism relates to other forms of oppression, and what can be done to stop heterosexism from being perpetuated. Julie Fish (2008) defines heterosexism, in her article, as the dominant standard that everyone is measured up to. Everyone is assumed to be heterosexual unless proven otherwise which then leads to sometimes being labeled as corrupt and of a lower status. Heterosexism is perpetuated

  • Sexism And Heterosexism Essay

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    Sexism, Heterosexism, and Social Policy Most of the current social work clients and workers are women. This gender is also over-represented among women, which implies that women continue to face considerable issues in the modern society despite the changes in the traditional role of men and women in the society. Social welfare policy are usually developed and implemented to confront various issues in the society including the plight of women. However, recent statistics demonstrate that social

  • Homophobia Case Study

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    person thats not straight. So the people who fall under this category would be lesbian, gay, transgender, intersex and bisexual people. Heterosexism is a bias or discrimination against homosexuals. People that believe in this are the ones that believe heterosexuality is the normal sexual orientation. These are simply assumptions pushing them to believe in heterosexism. Sexism to me is a social disease. Sexism is driven off of discrimination based on sex. Homophobia is when you’re afraid of people who

  • Trying To Avoid Gay Stereotypes

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    My name is Rob Geis, and I’m a male college student who happens to be gay. Now, I’m not an “oh-my-God!” gay, nor am I an “honey, that blouse is all wrong” gay, but for some reason that image gets stuck in people’s minds when I tell them that I am gay. In many ways, coming out was one of the most liberating experiences of my life. I‘m free to do whatever I want under the banner of homosexuality: I can wear skimpy, too-tight clothing that doesn’t suit me, put on makeup, act effeminate and cutesy

  • Challenging the silence

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    use (Ferfolja, 2007; Owens & Schneider, 2000). Instead, they are more likely to ignore or redirect their students to someone else (Ferfolja, 2007; Owens & Schneider, 2000). Furthermore, many teachers lack the understanding about what qualifies heterosexism. Hence, they have the tendency to downplay the significance and the consequences for LGB youth. Lastly, even when students do seek education or a teacher wants to provide it in their classroom, they fear a lack of support from other staff. In one

  • jason

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    Classism is related in many ways to racism, sexism, heterosexism and other forms of oppression. Classim often appears individually through attitudes and behaviors, also through policies and practices, and culturally through norms and values. Similar to other forms of oppression and prejudice, it is the tendency to make generalizations or stereotypes about people such as “Black people are thieves.” After reading the articles by Rubin (Ore 18), Coltrane (Ore 19) and Stacey (Ore 20) I’ve come to understand

  • Equality: An Uphill Battle

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    I believe no child, no human, should have to hide who they are. There are people, who every day hide that, for fear of not being accepted. These people hide their sexuality, and are called awful, vulgar things. Some protest and fight for their rights, but seem to be drowned out by the force of the opposers. It is time for the world to become less narrow minded, to see with their hearts not their eyes. It’s time for us to understand that different is good, different is ok. It is time for those who

  • Sexual Orientation and Gay Marriage

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    Many people believe that America means equality and rights for everyone, but that is not necessarily true. Many people are still ostracized and discriminated against for things like sexual orientation. Personally, I believe that it’s nobody’s business who likes who, but that doesn’t mean homosexuals should be denied their rights everyone else has. Such as being able to wed, being able to have children, being able to express affection in public, etc. Only 19 states so far have legalized gay marriage

  • The Consequences of Income Inequality

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    The social construction of deviance is exemplified by the fact that homophobia has replaced homosexuality as deviant. By “social construction of deviance,” we understand deviance to be the outcome of different groups in society defining and labeling what is deviant. For example, until recently, religion, medicine, and government defined homosexuality as a sin, a sickness, and a crime. In the 1970s, psychologists removed homosexuality from the list of mental disorders after new research showed that

  • Silence on Gays and Lesbians is Social Studies Curriculum

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    Stephen J. Thornton is active in the social studies profession. He is the current Chair of the Department of Secondary Education and the University of Southern Florida. Thornton has chaired both the American Educational Research Association's Special Interest Group on research in social studies education and the College and University Faculty Assembly of the National Council for the Social Studies. In his 2009 paper, Silence on Gays and Lesbians is Social Studies Curriculum, Thornton highlights