Gaddis: The Cause Of The Cold War

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Gaddis makes a well-grounded point in declaring the inaccuracies and speculation of writers like Williams that wrote before the war was even over and without the correct resources from all archives.6 So it is imperative that any historian approaching the question of who instigated the Cold War, due to long debate, with an array of different material. Leffler also identifies that we need to correctly look at all available resources and comes to the conclusion that Stalin as a person and his ideology seems to come to light more, which can greatly affect how we look at the foreign policy of the Russians and how they reacted to the actions of the American government.7 Looking at the reaction of Stalin, Gaddis comes to the conclusion that Stalin is an instigator in the Soviet- American relationship, as he attempts to instill his Communist ideology across Europe and we can see this in his relationship with the Koreans.8 This relationship is supposedly the cause of the Korean War, in which North Korea made the decision to invade the South and at the time the relationship held with the Russians led many to believe that Stalin encouraged the invasion to start the end to Capitalist rule.9 Alternatively with the same archives Leffler still comes to a conflicting conclusion.

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