GATORADE, What’s all the hype about?

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“Is it in you?”, “Get out what you put in”, “Win from within”. These are just a few sayings that the founders of Gatorade use to help persuade readers into thinking, “In order to be successful I need Gatorade”. This drink is a very popular performance enhancing sports beverage that athletes from all over depend on. Using the top athletes known to man in their advertisements they remain successful in fueling athletes across the globe. I have chosen two ads from Gatorade. I read them, examined them, and had a full analysis on the ads and their purposes. The two images I have analyzed are Gatorade advertisements from to different sports magazines. These two images both have a relation to a sport, and have a well-known athletes in each of these images they are displaying. But, do these advertisements have similar meanings? , what makes them different? , and what exactly is Gatorade trying to convince viewers to believe?
The first ad was the first ad I analyzed and this image was the one that caught my attention at the first glance. The ad shows a professional tennis player, who is one of my favorite female athletes, drinking a fruit punch flavored Gatorade during a break in her tennis match. In the image she looks exhausted and the beverage she is indulging is being used as her fuel to keep her going and energized thru the match. In the ad there is a towel on the seat that the tennis player is sitting in and a tennis racket resting on her leg. Behind her is a Gatorade cooler so when she finishes her current drink she has more. The ad I analyzed also quotes that:
“If you are going back in the game, go back recharged. Take advantage of the refueling, rehydration edge of Gatorade 02”
This quote has a lot of meanings to it.
The second ...

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... as possible. The ad that is advertising Kevin Durant has a statement that is simply introducing the G series and how each product in the series effects the athlete I different ways that are similarly positive.
From this analysis I have noticed that the advertisements Gatorade is releasing to the public are considerably consistent. Gatorade is using these celebrities to not just to say “You can be just as good as them if you drink Gatorade”, but they are implying that it works for them and the outcome of their performances. Viewers will gain the belief that “since these products work for him/her they will contribute to my athletic performances too.” This belief is common to the one I had after viewing both ads. Gatorade has done an excellent job advertising their products and I expect to witness them fuel the performance of athletes everywhere, for a very long time.
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