Fuel Crises Essay

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What can we do to help with fuel crises and what do you think the fuel of the future will be?
As the conventional fossil fuels are deteriorating, there is an immediate need for the use of alternate fuels. Hence we need to promote the usage of renewable energy resources for our fuel necessities. The major fuels used today are gasoline and diesel. Forget drilling for more oil, electric vehicles and investment into alternative energy is the only way to avert this crisis. Conventional engine technologies in combination with hydrogen, hybrid and Biofuels will prove to be appropriate options. The blending of renewable components into petrol and diesel will help reduce CO2 emissions and also ease concerns about energy security.
There are numerous conditions that a fuel has to meet before it is fit for powering a vehicle. The fuel has to deliver sufficient energy, be produced sustainably, meet high quality standards to fit the technological demands of modern propulsion systems, be widely available and transportable, to name a few important criteria. Hence, at this point of time no one c...

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