Frustration Essay : The Three Aspects Of Anger, And Frustrations

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There are six steps to getting angry, no matter whether it's a light anger or heavy rage. Twenty years ago the University of London did a study on frustration. They were trying to find out how many frustrations the average person experiences in a day. They concluded that the average person has about 20 frustrations a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. About 20 frustrations a day, from little ones up to giant ones. Here's an example of a small frustration could be. Let's say your favorite thing to eat in the morning is Cheerios. And you get up one morning to have breakfast and somebody already ate all the Cheerios. Okay you get over that and decide, "Okay, I'm going to have a cup of coffee or tea," and you go to the refrigerator to get some milk and all the milk is gone. Then you need to get your newspaper off the front step and find that your next door neighbor's dog just ate your newspaper again for the seven hundred and second time. You go to get in your car to go to work and you have a flat tire. You haven't even left the house and you already had four frustrations. Frustration is the first step to getting angry. Anger is a secondary emotion, the primary emotion is frustration. Frustration is wanting something and not getting it. "I want this thing to happen and I'm not getting what I want." I want to experience a certain opportunity or thing happen in my life and it's not. So frustration is wanting something, and not getting it. This doesn't create anger, it's just one step. The second step is, "I want my way but something is stopping or blocking me, on purpose or on accident, from getting this thing I desire." I want to have my work go in a certain way, it's not going that way and there's somebody there who's not doing ... ... middle of paper ... ...dy gets angry sometimes, but you don't want to live there. How do you do that? When you find your frustration ramping up, when you really want something to happen and it's not going the way you want, right then and there you need to become more solution focused instead of problem focused. Right at that moment, you break into the pattern. Maybe there's something you can do about the situation. If there is, take action. If there's not, then you need to get over it right then and become solution focused. Move on. It is your choice! You have to control that negative self-talk, get a little more brain power here so that you can transform the way you're dealing with things. You need to move forward in the way that's good for you. You need to take care of you and getting angry is not to your benefit. It throws you off your game, it slows you down from where you want to go.
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