Effects Of Frustration Essay

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How many times have we been frustrated by the things that happen to us and most of the time we do not know how to react. Frustration is something that irritates us for losing something or feeling that we lost control of what happened. Frustration has several levels that sometimes make us feel a little unhappy, not very positive regardless of the circumstances. The frustration can be annoying and makes us not think logically at the moment. The frustration can be caused not to feel that acceptance to commit errors and to resign themselves to the unexpected. In a moment of frustration, the person blocks himself feeling a disappointment that he can not get those emotions out, and he has to represent them in some way.

When a person feels frustration can lose their sense of self-esteem, generates stress and feel more upset about everything.

When a person feels low self-esteem because of the sense of frustration he loses his confidence in himself. The experiences that have occurred make a person feel that fear to dare to do something that could interfere with being a person or give up very soon. Many times the low self-esteem makes you stop trusting yourself and what you expect from life as if becoming an apathetic person. The attitude in life becomes a
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The experience of being frustrated and not being able to deal with the situation makes the stress shoot up in the person. The person begins to feel agitated, with anxiety, migraines and stomach pains. The person because of problems at work, in their marriage or the simple demands of life are frustrated, and the body represents it with stress. When the person feels this stress, they stop thinking positively and deteriorate their health. For example, the simple task of being a parent means that at times the person feels frustrated with so many tasks on the day to be performed. The idea is to perceive things on the positive side and take life more pleasant to face any
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