Frontier of the Future: America´s Space Exploration

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In the early 60s, President John F. Kennedy led America into a space race against the Soviet Union. American men and women across the nation backed this goal, allowing NASA to take great leaps in advancing its space exploration programs. This unified nation fulfilled its goal, and Neil Armstrong became the first man to walk on the moon. However, since then, America’s space exploration has only declined. Funding for NASA has been drastically cut, thus greatly limiting the opportunities for exploring the cosmos. Understanding and exploring the universe is detrimental to the advancement of the United States and opens the door for vast possibilities. If the government chooses to limits its own advancement, then that responsibility must fall into other hands. Privatizing America’s space program will extensively further capabilities for charting the cosmos, all while creating jobs for American citizens and saving the government some money along the way. With its crippling debt and increasing rates of unemployment, America needs job opportunity. Commercialized space exploration companies will create countless jobs in maintenance, research, construction, and various other fields essential to space programs already. From working in the mission control centers that would be necessary to run the newly formed operations to creating shuttles and other spacecraft, jobs of great variety would become available. These new companies or new branches of pre-existing companies, with the future in mind, will open the door for eager-minded American citizens across the nation. Roles will be filled, and people will aid in bettering their nation’s future. Further developing mankind’s knowledge of the solar system and nearby galaxies should be the platfor... ... middle of paper ... ... works. This commercialized space program paves the path to understanding. People across the United States will rise in the global ranks, surpassing other nations in scientific literacy. Because of Armstrong’s visit to the Moon during the Apollo 11 mission, man knows that he is not limited to Earth. As technology advances and man’s understanding of the way that the universe behaves grows, people will be able to take an even larger step in reaching other planets in the vast expanses of space. The benefits of creating a privatized space program in America are too great to ignore. From the plentiful jobs this would create to the reduced government spending this would allow, commercial space travel only aids the United States. It is time that America renews the ambition it held during Kennedy’s presidency. This one small step will serve as a great leap for the nation.