Freud And The Ego Essay

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Sigmund Freud believed we are representations of our ego. Our ego steams from our instincts and sexuality. According to the text Classics in Social and Behavioral Sciences the ego can take itself as an object, can treat itself like other objects, can observe itself, and criticize itself." Personality according to Freud has an id, ego and superego. The id is a section in the mind that deals with unconscious energy, desires and urges/needs all known to be our pleasure principle. The ego is the part of the brain which "mediates the demands of the id, along with the superego. The ego is out reality principle and although works on the demands of the id and superego the ego knows what's appropriate to satisfy and not. The superego is made up of a couple parts. The first part is ego ideal. The ego ideal steams from behavior and how our behavior/ rules we in society's eye make us either feel good or bad. The next part of superego is conscience. The …show more content…

This parental agency can explain our emotional attachment as a child to our parents commonly in opposite sex. This births the idea of the Oedipus complex. The Oedipus complex known to be our "Interpretation of Dreams" told by Freud. Freud's idea was based on us humans "felt these conflicting feelings were not successfully resolved, they would contribute to neuroses in later life" in other words their rational thought. Freud also believed the Oedipus complex "gives place to the superego they are something quite magnificent; but they later lose much of this, identifications then come about with these later in parents as well, and indeed they regularly make important contributions to the formation of character , but in that case they only effect the ego, they no longer influence superego.."(p 76). Could this mean our desires and urges are that uncontrollable that it's normal to have sexual feelings for your parent as a

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