Freedom and Its Types in Azerbaijan

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What is Freedom? Most may say its being able to speak how you feel about something. others may say Freedom of choosing your religion. a lot of people say that freedom to learn is a big thing to have in your country like Malala Yousafzai who was shot in the head fighting for her freedom to learn. some may say Freedom to leave to another country either moving to Mexico or visiting family in Brazil. Azerbaijan is an example of a country that is not free. United States is an example of a free country because because we can speak about our president without getting in trouble for it. There is only ninety free countries in the world right now fifty eight partly free and forty seven countries not free. There is no countries in the West that aren’t free but Cuba then in the East there is all forty seven not free countries.

There is many types of freedom. Freedom of speech is a big thing, but what is freedom of speech exactly? Well for example you can express your opinion or idea to the person without getting in trouble, it might be a little different in the workplace or at school depending on what you say about the person. Its okay to say something like can you please stop doing that it is distracting me? If you say something rude in the workplace or at school towards someone it can get you in trouble. Freedom of speech, don’t be fooled by it you can’t say anything for example if your in a movie theatre and you scream fire that won't go over too well. People would start freaking out and get hurt or seriously injured. Freedom of speech is basicly the right to speak your opinion towards others without getting in trouble but, with some limitations.

Freedom of Religion is easy to guess just by its name.The right to practice any religion you...

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... overcome. It should start turning around for them here soon.

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