Fracking: Harmful To The Environment

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Fracking is a process in which a drill is inserted into the ground in search of water or other resources. This process can be very harmful to the environment and can even be harmful to humans. It can lead to the contamination of drinking water supplies with the help of a combination of tap water and sufficient amounts of methane. The processes of fracking do more bad than good to humans in their own homes and many people believe that they should stop fracking as a whole, rather than change it. There are many problems with “The entire process of fracking – from drilling a well to transporting waste – endangers our water and the health of our communities” (“Fracking”). The process of fracking contaminates drinkable water and many other resources along with it. When rivers or lakes are contaminated it can lead to the extermination of wildlife in that certain area because they no longer are able to breathe due to the amount of chemicals and waste in their habitat. After an accident with a decent amount of exploding trucks, “Twenty-five families living nearby had to evacuate their homes, one person was injured, and toxic chemicals leaked into a nearby stream” (“Act On Fracking”). Companies involved with fracking should either move away from important resources when drilling or completely stop the operation as a whole. …show more content…

“People living near fracking sites have become severely ill from contaminated water and have had their tap water light on fire because of the methane inside of it” (“Fracking”). This type of incident has happened many different ways, and in many different places. Another example of a devastating accident would be when “Some trucks at a fracking site caught fire and caused over thirty explosions” (“Act On Fracking”). This forced people to evacuate and even end up with contaminated water supplies for an extended period of

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