The Negative Effects Of Fracking

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In the U.S today, many oil companies are fracking, or drilling holes for oil, on our precious land. In the United States, the midwest is where most of the fracking is coming from. The fracking has made the diversity of the local wildlife slim. Many things can be done to improve the environment to help with fracking. Fracking causes our environment to change in bad ways, we have to help stop or lessen it. To frack, people drill holes into our land and stick a tube in the ground. Then they are literally putting harmful liquid into the ground right beside our water lines. Many chemicals are in the liquid, so there is no telling how many harmful chemicals we as humans are inducing into our bodies and also giving to our pets and livestock. The …show more content…

Study shows that fracking is bad for babies. They show that babies born within a 2.5 km radius of fracking zones have an increased risk of low birth weight and health problems. In texas, air pollution from fracking made the health of the texans worsen. The pollution contained hazardous chemicals which people breath in. Breast cancer rates shot up from people living close to the fracking grounds.Symptoms of the civilians included headaches, difficulty breathing, dizziness, and memory loss. These symptoms were from the contaminated air. Because of fracking, many cows had their tails disembodied from them, meaning that they fell off completely. Many animals die every year because of fracking. Plants die from it also. …show more content…

I have devised a plan to help stop. We could rely on coal instead of oil.we could limit the amount of fracking to a minimum. If we limit the fracking, there would be less contaminated air and we could have less sickness around. Another way to lessen the fracking would be to decrease the allowed amount of land that they are allowed to drill. That land would be far from any houses and buildings. Fracking is bad. We need to stop or at least lessen it. Coal is better than oil. There is a list of both good and bad things about fracking. Some of the good are true, but mostly, the bad take over. Fracking helps the U.S economically by limiting the amount of resources that we have to buy from other countries. There are enough fossil fuels underground to make us energy independent. There are also bad things about fracking.
People fear that chemicals may contaminate the water that we drink. Because scientists don’t have to disclose the chemicals they use while fracking, it makes it bad for people to prepare for accidents or emergencies that are caused due to the fracking of our land. According to environmental groups, energy companies allow “resource play hubs” that could totally take away the whole water supply (

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