Fourteenth Century Art

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One can learn a great deal about fourteenth century art by observing and analyzing the subjects ,the central and main focus of the art works at this period.The main subject religion ,in particular Christianity was flourishing in Europe at this time . Christianity was the central and dominate power politically and religiously.Political leaders ruled under a theocratic government.Every aspect of life revolved around religion;Education domestic,and social.Any work of art paintings or architectural,communicates these historical significance in fourteenth century Europe.Before man learned to write they learned how To draw and make art so it's only natural they recorded their history through means of art.The altarpiece triptych series by one of Giotto's pupil .which illustrates significant stages in the life of Christ,shows how centered Christianity was in fourteenth century Europe. The piece Madonna with Saints and scenes of the life of christ ,a portable altarpiece and tryptic painting series by artist Maso Di Banco one of the most gifted pupil and associate of Giotto(The Brooklyn Museum,European art).Illustrates the life of christ from the birth of christ from right the birth of christ,center the annunciation of christ,left the crucifixion and top center the resurrection of christ.This piece shows just how much christianity was valued.This art form was so significant to this period they pass the practice down.Through books like ll Libro dell'Arte c.1370-1440 with step by step instructions on this technique cennino cennini on panel painting(cothren And stokstad 544).These artist created shrines to christ as seen in the piece by Maso Di Banco.The three dimensional portable gold altarpiece with decorative relief... ... middle of paper ... ...h and perspective. Like most artist at the time Maso created art works which gives participants in sacred narratives and illustration great dignity and striking humanity,making them familiar (stokstad 530). These human qualities gave the people a closer feeling to Christ . This piece communicates what was valued most at this point in time. Christianity was at the center of life in fourteenth century Europe. So much so that these artist were commissioned to create these highly valued religious pieces most for private purposes ,so the people could have a relic or icon to worship in their homes. Specific artistic conventions had o be followed when creating these pieces. The monarchies ruled through the church. There was huge emphasis on the man and afterlife, To ensure eternal salvation man devoted their lives to spreading and commemorating the word of Christ.

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  • Explains how one can learn about fourteenth century art by observing and analyzing the subjects, the central and main focus of the art works at this time.
  • Analyzes the madonna with saints and scenes of the life of christ, a portable altarpiece and tryptic painting series by artist maso di banco.
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