The Influence Of Art And Architecture

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For as long as humanity has existed, art and architecture has played an intricate role in society. The early individuals of this world utilized wall paintings as a means of expressing their emotions and daily rituals. Furthermore, architecture, while serving first and foremost as a means of creating proper shelters and establishments, it also gave way to a new method of showing creativity in a bold physical appearance. With the development of Catholicism, new ideologies came to be, therefore uttering a new age, a means of seeing the world in a different perspective. As a result, just as Christianity developed, so did art and architecture, influencing one another and upon doing so, gave Christian tradition a visual aspect, historical interpretation…show more content…
Thus, the two provide Catholicism with a physical form, giving it the opportunity to express as well as present its various symbolizations, morals, themes, ideologies, and more. Escaping realism, the true objective of artists was and is to convey messages through entities of spiritual nature, "With the triumph of Christianity, artists sought to evoke the spiritual character of sacred figures rather than their bodily substance." ("Byzantine Art And Architecture"). The very substances of a figure can only deliver so much meaning but when there is the intention to signify the motifs of in this case, Christianity, a beautiful and creative representation is a given. Truly, illustration is a skill few manage to truly grasp but to use it in the efforts to both represent and situate various motifs in the minds of many is far more difficult and creates a wonder all the more special revolving around Christian tradition. Additionally, as a result of the greater effort put into the interior, churches not only exhibited wealth but also enhanced expression on things…show more content…
With a visual characteristic, Christian tradition could be borne under a new light rather than simply literature as a means of conveying itself. What is more, the two make it possible to illustrate the history of Christianity (whether it be that of the bible or not) in both an innovative and novel approach. Likewise, art and architecture greatly capture the minds of many with awe and aid in familiarizing people with the religion. Truthfully speaking, it is through both art and architecture that Catholicism can very much so achieve a defining status of its own, one that demonstrates the beauty it treasures and the fulfillment it brings to various

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