Four Ethical Profiles Of An Ethics Awareness Inventory

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Over the course of my life, there has seemingly never been a time where an inventory of ethics has come about. Until now that is, in week one of the Ethics in Criminal Justice class here at The University of Phoenix, we were required to do an Ethics Awareness Inventory. The results of the ethics inventory did open my eyes a bit to the profiles that fit my ethics the most and the least. During the exercise on the ethics inventory, it made me very aware that I should study my ethics and determine if I am on the ethical path that I have set for myself to achieve the most out of the dream of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. During the process of the Ethics Awareness Inventory, it appears that I am most aligned with the ethical profile of character. The ethical profile of character as defined by The Williams Institute (n.d.) is that good people demonstrate good actions and that good intent based on good…show more content…
Our ethics and values are shaped from events and decisions dating back as far as we can remember, and in some cases even further back to times we cannot remember. Our heritage and cultural backgrounds can also play a large part in how our ethics are formed. As a society each individual fits into one of the four ethical profiles, and in many cases more than one of the profiles, what can make an individual extraordinary is the ability to learn from others that don’t share their own ethical beliefs and benefit from that shared knowledge to make themselves a better all-around individual. As the saying goes, no one is perfect, but the pursuit of perfection can be quite an experience for those that accept that challenge. Moral and ethical dilemmas will continue to arise in our lives from this moment until the moment we depart this plane of existence, it is what we do with those moments that set us apart from
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