Forensics Anthropology

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Forensics Anthropology

Anthropology is a study of mankind that goes beyond the fragment of ones skeletal remains. Anthropology Studies involved within this science include the culture and surroundings a person once lived in.Anthropology, (2014) A example scientist often conduct archaeological digs. Their findings reveal many different aspects of that person or person’s life. The weather a person could have been exposed to. The environment or activities that person might have participated in. The scope of life that can be recovered from human remains is astonishing. Forensic Science as a whole is an impressive and interesting science that can be used within many different realms.
Forensics Anthropology can be used within a court of law. The science is a way to discover many different aspects of human’s remains and life. For example Hurricane Katrina claimed the lives of many persons in Louisiana. Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf coast. Forensics Anthropolgist where sent to the disaster to identify the remains of victims. Many of the victims where the elderly. Often times many factors affect a disaster. The victims of Hurricane Katrina did not receive proper warning of the dangers of the hurricane. The hurricane was a disaster and required many teams of forensics investigators to uncover and identify persons.
When a disaster takes place many different anthropologist can be used. For Hurricane Katrina finger print specialist, forensic odontologists,dental assistant, and pathologist where used. The disaster was a national response disaster. The Federal Emergency Management Administration helped identify victims of Hurricane Katrina. Forensic...

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...the better chances of recovering more remains and obtaining proper information on the person or persons being found.It is common for forensics anthropologist to work along with forensics investigators at the the scene of a disaster. Less time will be wasted on expertise,because of the wealth of knowledge a team of forensics investigators may use to recoupe human remains after a disaster has taken place.
My evaluation of civil law in regards of a disaster. My findings of the research is that civil law can be used along with a proper investigation to make insurance claims,identify human remains,and help with closure of family members. A disaster also requires moving quickly and expertise is needed for a smooth investigation with less mistakes. A disaster may also require persons to communicate with each other to make the process less of a hassle.Often times a fo

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