For Bella

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Alice took an unsteady breath, placing her hand on the knob. She was shaking, which of course was quite unusual for a vampire, but given the circumstances it was appropriate. Her slender fingers had an alabaster contrast to the dark bronze of the door knob; almost making it seem she was glowing. It was all just a cruel joke. It had to be… Alice tried to reassure herself. She tried to tell herself that she would be in the house, her and Charlie both. She closed her eyes, turning the knob, opening the door to the dark quiet house. Alice bit her lip, hard, trying not to cry. The spasm of pain that hit her heart was enough to make someone crumble to their knees, but her feet carried her forward. She walked into the house slowly, getting her bearings. The house was silent. It had the feint scent of Charlie, he had left long ago. The house was mostly cleared out, however some things remained untouched. The small vampire traveled up the stairs, smiling softly at the familiar creaks it made while stepping upon them. Charlie’s room had been cleared out. He didn’t bother to vacuum or wash the smudges off the walls before he left. She closed his door, then spun slowly on her heel, looking at the other room across from it. That was her room. Alice had hoped she’d hear her heart beat. The familiar thump that would pound in the human’s chest feverishly whenever the small vampire got too close, or when Alice dared to hold Bella’s hand. It was like music to her ears, hearing the accelerate of her heart whenever her cool skin touched Bella’s. The door opened easily, the hinges creaking slightly. Her room was mostly untouched. The bookshelves were cleared, some knick-knacks gone, posters torn down. Her bed was made, the purple co... ... middle of paper ... ...left. “I can’t wait to see you again, Alice.” Bella whispered this into her ear. When Alice’s eyes opened, she was gone. Her best friend, her love, her angel, gone… The vampire fell to her knees for the second time, hanging her head. She let the tears consume her, sobs wracking through her body. She stopped abruptly when she remembered the words her angel had said. Her small chest heaved greatly as she stood. Alice finally lifted her head to the sunset sky again and smiled. The now familiar, warm feeling, spread through the small vampire, making her body feel slightly tingly. She giggled, turning to walk out of the cemetery. Alice didn’t turn back, she did it for Bella. She knew her angel was watching and she couldn’t wait to see her again. However, Alice promised to live her life first and she was ok with that. After all, Bella would be watching over her.

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