Flannery O'Connor

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Writing is an ancient art, used from long ago to convey various characteristics, including entertainment, education, recording of history, critiquing and rebuking, writing revelations and many other purposes. There are various forms of writing, in which authors engage to put forth their feelings and intention. Additionally, history has many productive writers who made names for themselves through writing instinctively about various themes and issues. Among the writers who have revolutionized the art of writing is Flannery O’Connor, a dynamic woman who wrote her work from distinctive features and issues within the society (Gordon 31). Many lovers of her work indicate that she loved writing, and wrote from her heart, communicating clearly to her audience. Through her visible achievements, this is evidence of her success achieved through the art of writing.
Mary Flannery O’Connor was born on March 25, 1925. She was born in Savannah Georgia, to Regine Cline and Edwin Francis O’Connor. The family was loyally of the catholic faith, and they lived in the South during her early childhood. It was during her school years that she realized her interest in writing while she attended Peabody High School and later joined the Georgia State College for women. Later on, she pursued her further education in the University of IOWA (Gordon 16). It was during her college years that she began working for the college magazine as an editor. Later in the university, she attended many writing workshops, firing her towards her passion of writing. It was while she was pursuing her degree of Masters of Fine Arts in Literature that she published her first short story, ‘The Geranium’ in 1946, after which she graduated the following year. Notably, Mary Flannery ...

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...ough her writing even after death.
Flannery O’Connor lives in the books of history as a talented writer, who wrote successful stories from conventional subjects. She established a theme consistency that no other literary writer can uphold as she remained in her conviction towards Faith. Thus, she deserves the honor she commands in the literary world.

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