Theme Of Dark Humor In A Good Man Is Hard To Find

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A story without style is like a man without personality: useless and boring. However, Flannery O’Connor incorporates various different styles in her narratives. Dark humor, irony, and symbolism are perhaps the utmost powerful and common styles in her writing. From “Revelation” and “Good Country People” to “A Good Man is Hard to Find,” all of O’Connor’s stories consist of different styles in writing. Dark humor plays an important role in O’Connor’s novels. Instead of simply stating the character’s cruelty in “A Good Man Is Hard to Find,” O’Connor chooses to reveal it through the use of dark humor. As the Misfit shoots the grandmother he thinks that she could be a decent person, “if it had been somebody to shoot her every minute of her life” …show more content…

In “Good Country People,” O’Connor effectively symbolizes Christian hypocrisy in her narrative. The same man who is selling bibles is the one who carries “a pocket flask of whisky and a pack of cards” (“Good Country People,” 289), in his hollowed-out bible. A bible salesman using a hollowed-out bible as storage for whisky represents those who use religion to cover up for their sins and achieve society’s approval. Additionally, in Revelation, a person’s name symbolizes the sole theme of the narrative. While Mrs. Turnip is busy denouncing other people’s appearances in the waiting room, a girl named Mary Grace exposes Mrs. Turnip for who she really is, and tells her to “go back to hell, where [she comes] from, [and calls Mrs. Turnip an] old wart hog” (“Revelation”, 21). Although Mrs. Turnip believes she is a noble person, Mary Grace symbolizes the need for grace in Mrs. Turnip’s life for her to become aware of the ugliness that lies beneath her beautiful face, and clean skin. Furthermore, symbolism is a significant element in “A Good Man Is Hard to Find.” The Misfit arrives in “a big black bettered hearse-like automobile” (“AMIHTF,” 6). The car designed to carry coffins, indicates and symbolizes the family’s death, and all the others that the Misfit

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  • Analyzes how flannery o'connor incorporates various styles in her stories. dark humor, irony, and symbolism are perhaps the utmost powerful and common styles.
  • Analyzes how dark humor plays an important role in o'connor's novels. in "a good man is hard to find," the misfit shoots the grandmother, but only when she is face-to-face with death, she becomes a nice person.
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