Five Different Promotion Techniques of Barista Café

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In this modern era, there are so many people who getting busy with their work and don’t have time to cook their own food or even make their own coffee. They will get their food either in restaurant or café. But some of them prefer to go to café because they can get their meals while getting a good quality of coffee to accompany them. There are a lot of café that can offer them something like that. But the question is, which café will attract them to come and spend their time to enjoy the pleasure of eat and drink coffee in Palmerston North? According to Menu Mania (n.d.), there are more than 60 café in Palmerston North city. It is a huge number of café for a small and tidy town like Palmerston North city. One of the most popular café is Barista Café. Barista Café located in 59 George Street, under the City Library of Palmerston North city. That location is really strategic for café because it is located in the middle of the town, where almost all the workers work. At the same time, George Street has other café that provide the same thing with Barista Café. Those cafes are Tomato cafe, Trio cafe, and Moxies café. From this information, we can see that each of those café has their own promotion techniques that attract peoples to become their customers. Barista is the one that probably the most successful one. They got total 8 awards for the best café during 15 years old in Palmerston North city. In this essay, I will discuss about their techniques of promotion that used by Barista Café to attract customers to visit their café. According to barista that work in Barista Cafe, D. Johnstonn (14 May, 2014), the customers come to Barista Café because of the word of mouth, attracting event, their café name itself, flyers, and loyalty car...

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...hat makes a coffee as their job. So when people want to drink coffee, unconsciously they will think about Barista. The last thing two things that Barista Café use to make themselves different from the other is the flyers and loyalty card they provide for customers. Those way can make the bound between customer and Barista Café more tight

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