Finding Out I Was Adopted: A Short Story

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“Class, please give your attention to Arielle as she gives her presentation,” said Arielle’s teacher, Mrs. Taylor.
Today, I am going to tell you guys about the culture of Ethiopia. Ethiopia is… um…. Ethiopia… um…
Arielle completely forget her entire speech. Embarrassed and teary eyed she took off running. She headed straight for the parking lot, got in her car, and drove all the way home. Once she was home, she sat in her driveway and burst into tears. After sitting in her car for a good twenty minutes, her mom saw her car in the driveway and went outside to see what was going on. Her mom knocked on the window and Arielle looked up. Arielle opened the door and explained everything that happened during school to her mom.
Arielle’s mom said, “Why don’t you go on upstairs and go to sleep. You could probably use some sleep. It has been a long week. ”
So Arielle went upstairs to her room and slept until the next day. The next morning when she woke up, was Saturday. Her grandparents were in town for the weekend. She went downstairs and saw her grandparents, but she had no idea who they were.
Concerned why these strangers where in her living room she asked her mom, “Why are these people in our house?”
“Honey, these are your grandparents,” replied her mother
I have grandparents?
Yes. Honey, are you feeling all right? We should probably take you to the doctor. Go get some clothes on.
Later Arielle and her parents were at the doctor office. The doctor ran some tests and discovered that Arielle’s memory loss was caused by drug abuse when she was born.
Arielle asked her mom, “Did you use drugs when you were pregnant with me?”
No honey, I did not use drugs when I was pregnant with you.
Arielle was getting a little angry and said, “Then why...

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...Ma’am do you know who this is?”
She looked at the paper for a moment and replied, “No. I do not know who this person is.”
Arielle’s mom knew inside that it was her daughter, but she denied it because she did not want to ever look back to that point of her life again.
Devastated, Arielle and Carrie got in the car and made their long trip back home. Even after this disappointment there was one bright side. Arielle regained her memory back somehow.
“I’m back!” shouted Arielle
“Oh, good. We were getting a little worried. What happened?” replied Mrs. Sanders.
“Well, I found out a bunch of information, including my biological mother’s business address. Carrie and I went to her business office and found her, but she denied the fact that she was my mother.”
“I’m so sorry, honey. Do not be mad at her. You just need to forgive her and move on with life,” responed Mr. Sanders.

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