Film Analysis Of Haunted Forest

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The movie Haunted Forest by Ian Lorenos may be a good film for wimps but for those who has a lot of experiences in horror and gore movies, this might make you yawn a little bit due to the repetition of flow. The matching of the teen-main cast were off, the personalities of the created love teams (Jane-Jameson; Maris-Jon) did not match due to the absence of chemistry. Lastly, the loudness and the chosen score is not effective. The film has a lot of failures but the story, the cinematography and the individuality of the artists help to cope the lacking though the redundancy of the style and the predictable flow is still obvious. Haunted Forest is the only horror entry in the 43Rd Metro Manila Film Festival (starring Jane Oineza, Maris Racal, Jameson Blake, Jon Lucas, Raymart Santiago, and Joey Marquez) but it offers no advantages. As expected in this entry, few things are new to be serve in the audience and that is not new about Filipino horror movie. It’s like a tradition in our country that our produced films were creepy. In this film, they used a new…show more content…
It is almost as if Lorenos and his team are desperately trying to salvage their film from being gobbled up by conventionality but only ending up with an effect that is neither as wonderful as it could have been had it temper its seriousness nor compelling. As the film failed to weave the genre flawlessly, they succeed choosing Jane Oineza as their leading actor she was able to meet the expectations of the audience. As a matter of fact, she is one of the factors why this film cannot be considered as a trash. Without her compelling the lead, films’ horror factor will be much less persuasive. Aside from Jane’s wonderful lead, Maris’ natural cute presence and Joey Marquez’ clumsy actions and humorously embarrassing attempts really help the film to make their audience engaged on the