Fidel Castro, the Cuban people’s Leader

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Fidel Castro, the Cuban people’s Leader

Fidel Castro and the United States of America have a very tense relationship. The current president of Cuba has helped the less fortunate people of Cuba in many ways, but in doing created conflict between the wealthier Cubans who in turn have chosen to seek homes on US soil in Florida. Castro is a very powerful leader who speaks for the people, in general, of Cuba. Since the 1960’s when Castro took power US relations with Cuba have decreased and instead of indifference to each other, hostility has arisen main from the US towards Cuba.

Fidel Alexander I Castrate Ruz was born August 13, 1926 in Birán. He attended Catholic schools before attending the University of Havana graduating with a degree in law. He was a member of a social democratic party named the Ortodoxo Party, which strongly critized the government of Cuba under the control of Fulgenclo Batista. He then ran for election to the Cuban House of Representatives. The elections were never carried out; instead dictator Batista halted the elections thereby ending democracy in Cuba. As a result of Batista actions, Castro attacked on July 26th, 1953 against the Moncada army barracks with 120 men. The attack failed and Fidel was arrested and sentenced to fifteen years but was pardoned after two years. During his trial preceding the sentence he gave his famous speech, “History Will Absolve Me” (Team 1). After being released he fled to Mexico. During his exile in Mexico he trained and assembled the 26t of July Movement. He gained support from Che Guevara before leaving aboard the Granma to invade Cuba in 1956. The revolutionaries returned to Cuba and hid in the Sierra Maestra mountains gaining the support of the peasa...

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...cept Fidel Castro’s regime and instead of blockading the country embrace the programs such a great leader has created.

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