Cuban Embargo Essay

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The United States and Cuba have a history of tension and discord. The reign of Fidel Castro was marked with despotism and led to toxic relations with the United States. This political climate caused President John F Kennedy in 1960 to impose a commercial, financial, and economic embargo and later travel ban on Cuba. These unilateral sanctions examined under the scope of utilitarianism, are ineffective an unethical. The nation of Cuba has been at odds with the United States since Fidel Castro assumed power in 1959. The United States embargo and sanction on Cuba stems from the fact that the United States will not tolerate Communist governments and "the most important objective of the Cuban government is to remain in power at all costs," says Felix Martin, a professor at Florida’s Cuban Research Institute. The conflict and reason for why the embargo has stayed intact over the years can be summarized in three major points of dissent: Human rights violations, Guantanamo Bay, and the Cuban exile community. In March 2003, the Cuban government arrested seventy-five revolutionaries and cor...

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