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In this paper I will be discussing, comparing, and contrasting how the language used in the short stories “A&P”, and “The Cask of Amontillado” help the reader(s) to understand the larger themes of the stories. “A&P” foreshadows the changes coming to America, with the rise of a rebellious generation of teenagers, and the decline of conformity, it carries the theme ‘growing up’ and ‘maturing’. “The Cask of Amontillado” depicts and illustrates the idea that even the nicest man is capable of the darkest deed, and carries the theme of ‘revenge’. “A&P” is a short story written by John Updike about a teenager named Sammy working in a general store in the early 1960’s. Sammy’s use of language and the actions he takes through the story “foreshadows the mood of the rebellious generation yet to come” (Updike 142). Much like an adolescent that is trapped somewhere he finds boring, Sammy finds many different ways to entertain himself, such as nicknaming the customers. The initial impression the reader will have of “A&P” is lighthearted due to Sammy’s comical naming and exhaustive details of the store. Beginning with the entrance of the three females in bikinis, we begin to see subtle changes in Sammy’s thoughts and behavior. Before, Sammy would refer to all of the customers in the store as “sheep”, however, he always refers to the girls as “girls”(Sammy 142). This is interesting to note because it is unlike the childish behavior that was depicted in the beginning of the story. It can be reasoned that the cause of this change is Queenie, the leader of the female trio, who we learn of through Sammy’s observation, “She kind of led them, the other two”, which is the reason he gives her that nickname (142). The first person viewpoint is extremely ... ... middle of paper ... ...ith it”, Montresor proceeds to finish burying Fortunato, and find out the story is being told in a past tense, Montresor is an old man speaking about a crime that occurred 50 years ago (A&P 146). The use of language in “A&P” and “The Cask of Amontillado are different in their core meanings and interpretations, where “A&P” utilizes a more lighthearted type of dialogue and instills a comedic feeling, “The Cask of Amontillado” has a much more dark and gloomy tale. These two stories are polar opposites in many ways. Sammy is a young and honest man who has his entire future ahead of him. While Montresor is an old and cunning man reflecting on his past. The Tones of these two stories are also opposites, while Sammy’s setting is bright, Montresors is very depressing. However both these stories masterfully use language that entices the reader to continually flip the pages.

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how the language used in the short stories "a&p" and "the cask of amontillado" help the reader understand the larger themes of the stories.
  • Analyzes how john updike's "a&p" is about sammy working in a general store in the early 1960s. his use of language and actions foreshadows the mood of the rebellious generation yet to come.
  • Analyzes the subtle changes in sammy's thoughts and behavior, beginning with the entrance of the three females in bikinis.
  • Analyzes how the first person viewpoint is important as the audience must have access to sammy’s thoughts in order to see how he matures throughout the story.
  • Analyzes how sammy's boss lengal takes notice of the three and begins to give them a warning about the way they are dressed.
  • Analyzes how sammy rushed outside to locate queenie and her followers, only to discover that they have already left the area, referring to them now as "my girls." he quit his job despite objections from his boss.
  • Analyzes "the cask of amontillado" as a psychological terror story written by edgar allan poe.
  • Analyzes how poe uses poetic language in "the cask of amontillado" to create a sense of impending doom, as he speaks of the destruction of fortunato through the story.
  • Analyzes how edgar allen poe gives dark setting descriptions to keep the mood darkened and mysterious. the act of vengeance overshadows the question of why he enacts revenge.
  • Analyzes how edgar allen poe's words convey a strong sense of place to the reader and create more tension by using details from the text that invoke feelings of dread.
  • Analyzes poe's use of symbolism, such as the family crest montresor shows fortunato depicting a huge human foot crushing the serpent rampant, reinforcing the revenge theme.
  • Analyzes how the language used in "a&p" and "the cask of amontillado" are different in their core meanings and interpretations.
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