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The struggle for equality has always been present. Our male counterparts have been wary to allow us the same rights and so as backlash, the feminist movement gained momentum. Feminism is nowadays a widely spoken of topic, and for many reasons. There is discrepancy on what the true meaning of feminism is and questions of continuing the movement in America. Furthermore, gender bias still intensely exist not only in the United States, but more specifically in lesser developed countries. Although there are these discussions on the topic of feminism, a true solution to the problem of gender inequality does not seem evident. However, in order to tackle gender bias, the movement first has to lose its ambiguity and be clearly presented as a serious …show more content…

The feminist movement needs to free itself from all the misandrists and the “white” based feminists. Feminism is a dynamic movement, and in order for it to succeed, men need to recognized as victims of gender bias and must be allowed into the movement. In reference to the white feminism that exists, these people need to gain as much perspective as men who do not think there is a need for any form of feminism. Men have decided to disregard a woman 's worth all throughout history and humans tend to stick with what they know. If women were historically and now socially recognized, sexism would be eradicated. Women also need to stop attacking other women. “Slut shaming” is probably the dumbest thing practiced frequently by men, but more excessively by women. This shaming stems from the fact that since women are not recognized as full human beings, they are not recognized as sexual beings. Although something like a girl dancing provocatively may be seen as an example of self-objectification, the girl’s motives need to be taken into consideration. Since women have not been recognized sexually, dancing in such a way is a form of sexual liberation and at the end of the day, a person can do as they please with their body and this needs to be

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