Feinism And Feminism In The Film Hunger Games

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Feminism and Marxism are two major themes in the film Hunger Games. Increasing government control over the individual leads to human-rights violations and institutionalized oppression. Where there is oppression, there is resistance. The unequal social structure empowers the individual to reject immoral controls and stimulates the emergence of Katniss’s feminism. From the Marxist views, film Hunger games discloses the evil sides of society. The film shows a strong oppression of the poor by the rich. The Hunger Games begins at Panem, a nation which consists of a wealthy Capitol and twelve impecunious district. Capitol is the rich and dominating class that takes charge of education and the media and keeps the districts in a state of hunger and poverty. Capitol holds a famous yet inhumane annually hunger game among twenty four teenagers that selected from the twelve districts. The game has only one winner which means all other people have to die. The brutal game strongly exemplifies the oppression that Capitol brings to districts. Actually, the hunger game is a punishment that admonishes...

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