Farmers And Farmers Essay

Around the late 19th century displeasurable and unfair actions have been acted toward farmers, working men, and minorities. The Industrialist took advantage of their lack of power, and bribed government officials and pursed corruption actions towards laborers. However, the loudest voice of the group was the Agrarian workers and American Farmers. Ask yourself, was the farmers outcry's pure pointless complaints towards Industrialist malicious actions or potential abuse that impedes an unbalanced industrialized society? Farmers were falling into unprofitable production and debt using all the profit innovating machines the government encouraged them to use. Foreign products led to unprofitable life, and farmers fell into a depression. Many parties were formed to speak what was on their mind, one of the main parties includes the populist party, fighting for what should be truthfully theirs.

Businesses prospered near the late nineteenth century. Many monopolies, centralized banks, and trust were produced due to this industrialization rush. Standard Oil company, Carnegie Steel company and other large vicious companies dominated not only laborers and farmers, but the governors and their regulations. There was a deep strive for efficiency and effectively making a profit only to their benefit, leaving other classes to fall apart. Farmers were the most endangered group of citizens. These businesses and corporations found ways to manipulate the government ridding of competition for farmers. Farmers feared for their production and consumer production. With the lack of competition and prices of their products through the roof, consumer will not be able to purchase items and farmers will not make a profit from what th...

... middle of paper ... silver coins to benefit from their unpaid debts. This idea was called Bimetallism(Doc A) The money supply was vacillating as the population would increase(Doc C). Higher powers such as Presidents, would only help those who would keep them as Presidents, this idea drowns in political corruption and patronage. The Populist, farmer groups, brought the Civil Service reform, direct elections of senators, and a the 17th amendment. All were produced in attempt to end corruption and stop the untrustworthy money circulation. Farmers were being taken advantage of to the point that they felt they were being bought and abused (Doc D). But in reality low circulation was their issue. It was their overproduction they were attempted to dust under the rug (Doc E). J. Laurence Laughlin pointed out the fallacies of the support and reimbursement farmers 'needed' to improve.
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