Family Vioelence and Abuse

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Abuse within Families

Family violence and abuse is a prominent issue in our society that has maintained its presence throughout our history. Familial abuse has a tendency to be masked by emotions, not being classified as “abuse” by the victims until it has become a reoccurring issue. In fact, most unreported violent acts are due to the victim’s desire to protect the related offender. The media usually develops news stories and articles revolving around the most sensational cases of family violence; their representation of the sensationalism of the issue is of no uniqueness. But due to the sensual aspect that the media seeks in presenting stories to the public, people are not aware of the commonality and routine violence that occurs in households behind closed doors. Society portrays family as a safe heaven; a place for care and love but indeed it is also a source of violence and mistreatment. Even the most loving individuals in a family display inappropriate behavior, sometimes losing their temper, raising their voice, and possibly physically lash out on others when provoked. It is culturally approved and common that aggression is typically normal and a factor of family life.

The idealized concept of a family is one that follows tradition and culture, which in turn exposes the less powerful members to being victims of abuse or violence. This notion can be referred to as the hierarchy of power in a household where the parent’s rights surpass their children’s and they actually dictate how they are to be raised. In addition the family is expected to have privacy and autonomy, were the member’s actions may be justifiable, even if it results in harm of an individual(s). Primarily the husband in the family dominates the hierarch...

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