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Family therapy is a form of psychotherapy employed to assist members of a family in improving communication systems, conflict resolution, and to help the family to deal with certain problems that manifest in the behavior of members. In most cases, deviance in a family member is an indication of underlying family dysfunctions. This paper looks the counselling procedure that can be applied to help the Kline family solve their problems. It answers certain questions including those of the expected challenges during therapy and ways of dealing with the challenges.
1. What are your initial reactions after reading the intake interview? What are the themes that interest you the most in this case? Why?
From the intake interview, I can already see some budding problems in the Kline family besides Gary’s. Just by going through the interview, I can decipher that Gary’s problems and depression can be a symptom of a bigger problem in the family. One of the causes of Gary’s problem could be a lack of adequate father-son time due to his father’s busy schedule. The mother’s alcohol addiction could also be contributing towards Gary’s behavior. However, the mother’s problems could also have their roots in the family.
Another theme evident in this case is the dysfunctional patterns of communication that exist in the family. The family does not seem to have proper laid down ways of communicating and resort to blame games. George blames Gail for most of the family problems while singling out Jessie and Garry, and praising Jaimi. There is also an apparent feeling of inferiority portrayed by Gary, who does not feel good enough in his father’s eyes.
2. How would you proceed as a family therapist in an initial session if you saw the entire ...

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...believes that she has no part in problems. Jaimi can be convinced to participate by asking both parents to talks to her. Another major challenge is Gary’s apparent involuntariness. Gary seems to want to attend the sessions only because he has been instructed by the court. He sees family therapy and individual counselling as two evils, of which he has to choose one. Gary needs to willingly participate in the sessions for the therapy to bear fruit.
Family therapy is an important way of solving problems affecting family members. It demands the participation of the entire family in some of the sessions. Though working with the Kline family will present is set of challenges, the challenges are not unique and are part and parcel of counselling.

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