Family: One Of The Story Of My Family

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Family is one of the greatest things that life has to offer. Everyone in your family has a different story to tell about the way that they were brought up and how their parents got here. There is much more to family than just mom, dad, aunts, and uncle 's. In Lorain, there is a lot of untold history by many people of their families. In Lorain, we are not called the international city for nothing. You may never be able to hear all those stories individually, but, I’ll tell you about my family history. My great grandpa, Juan Daniel Ruiz Andujar, was brought here from Utuado, Puerto Rico by the Puerto Rican Community Development in 1952 at the age of 39. The Puerto Rican Community Development came from Lorain to Puerto Rico to bring people to…show more content…
On September 13th, 2001, my mom’s life changed forever. She had me. I was born in Lorain, Ohio at Mercy Hospital. I was the first grandchild and my aunts and uncles first nephew the house I was born in was on Allison Ave., but the house I grew up in was on Reid Ave. I remember that house like I was in it yesterday. I went to Garfield Elementary School from kindergarten to 4th grade. During those years, my grandma, grandpa, and aunts had such a big impact on my life. They did so many things that I’ll never be able to repay them for. They are the ones, along with my mom, who still help me to this day. When I was born, I was their everything, I was a bit spoiled. New clothes, toys, etc. at that age, it was great, although it wasn’t a good thing, as a result of that, I want everything I see though it 's not that way…show more content…
My grandma and grandpa have been just simply amazing in my life. They have basically been a second set of parents. I’ve lived with them since I was born. My mom also lived in the same house with us. I had a garden with my grandpa for years, showed me how to do simple fixer-ups around the house, and showed me sports. My grandma is like a best friend to me. Ever since I was little. I love her to death, she has always been there for me no matter what. To this day I still mess with her as if she is my best friend. I love them both so much. Two of my aunts have had a tremendous impact on my life. One of their names is Jackie Morales. My grandfather has been the father figure in my life since my father has not. I owe a lot to him for that. My family is full of people that ill never be able to repay. For my aunt Jackie, who is also my godmother, I was like her first kid. She loved me as if I was. To me, she was like a second mom. Over the years she bought me things and taught me things. Life lessons that only she would know from experience. She says I helped her prepare for her own little one. The other one is Evelyn Turton. She is a travel agent with an office in Vermillion. She made it possible for me to go to Disney World multiple times, the Disney Cruise once, and Disneyland. Not only did she provide trips, but helped me make connections. That means more than anything. She’s the one who basically taught me to go out in the world
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