Fairy Tales: Changing with the Culture and Community

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Once upon a time, there was a literary genre commonly know as fairy tales. They were mystical and wonderful and a child’s fantasy. These fairy tales were drastically misunderstood throughout many centuries, however. They endured a hard life of constant changing and editing to fit what the people of that time wanted. People of our own time are responsible for some of the radical changes endured by this undeserved genre. Now, these fairy tales had a young friend named Belle. Belle thought she knew fairy tales very well, but one day she found out just how wrong she was. On this particular day, she was walking through the woods, singing and skipping merrily along. All of a sudden, there was a sound behind her. As she turned around to see what it was, she noticed a strange looking treasure chest. She walked over to the chest and opened it, completely unaware of the knowledge she would find inside. While she was walking toward it, strange music began to fill her ears. A deep feeling of dread entered her heart as she tiptoed up to the chest. Should she go on? Should she remain in her fantasy of gold and riches to come, or accept the possible danger to have what’s inside the chest? Overcome with curiosity, she made her decision. This is the story of what she found. Before you can understand what it is exactly that Belle found, you must know her preconceived presumptions about fairy tales. Now as we all know, a fairy tale is a story that includes many magical and wonderful elements that come together to tell about a hero’s adventure. They often begin with the words “Once upon a time” and end with “happily ever after”. Always mystical and enchanting, they draw you in and make you sympathize with one of the characters. This char... ... middle of paper ... ... “Now I see why they weren’t meant for children. So now that I know the truth about fairy tales, what do I do?” “Well, first of all hold on to the stories you’ve always loved. Cherish them and keep the enchantment alive. Second of all, remember this: Fairy tales have always changed with the culture. They reflect the current culture and even play a part in shaping it. As communities change, they change with it. Why don’t you try telling your own story? You can rewrite one with the elements of today’s culture, or you can write your own and set the tone for a whole new generation. It’s your choice. Although one thing’s for certain. No matter what your circumstances are, you define your happily ever after.”, he said. So Belle went on to become one of the many lovers of these misunderstood fairy tales. And Belle and her father lived happily ever after.

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