Failure Of The Treaty Of Versailles Essay

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Was the Versailles Treaty peace settlement a success or failure?
To know if the Versailles Treaty was a failure, you need to understand what lead to the Treaty in the first place. Before the Treaty of Versailles happened, World War I took place. The war started by Serbian nationalists killing the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne(World War I). Then, Austrians wanted to punish Serbia for the killing that was committed. When that happened, the allies of each from each side jumped in to help. Also new alliances formed as the war broke out. The war soon became global after this. After the war broke out, the United States announced a proclamation of neutrality(World War I). The however did not last very long. The Germans first attacked a British passenger liner. The attack killed 128 Americans. Later, then United States intercepted a telegram from the Germans. Which was proposing an alliance with Mexico, causing the United Stated to get involved with the war. Then on November 11, 1918 Germany signed an armistice. Due to the Western Front Collapsing, and shortages to its military and citizens and 10 million people dying(World War I). All of this, lead up to the Treaty of Versailles signed on June 8, 1919.
There are many different views on the Treaty of Versailles, this is the view point of Carole Fink. At first she mentions the impact the treaty had on the world, and how it has created such a big difference. Then the ending of the war, and starting of the peace agreement. She states that holding the signing in Paris would cause tension. The treaty was then made, and only after it was made, was Germany aloud to see it. There was some last minute changes, The treaty was signed, but left colonial questions unanswered(Dilemma:Pers...

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...y of Versailles did not create the issue. On the other hand, Germany was already broke, then the treaty asked for more money. Thus, creating more economical issues with Germany. If Germany wasn't in a bad financial state, then maybe Hitler wouldn't have been in charge.
Everything goes back to the Treaty of Versailles. There are some positives that came put of the situation, but things could have been handles better. I feel as if the Treaty was a failure due to the war only 30 years later. The treaty has direct correlations, with the overall issues starting the war. If Germany had gone to the negotiations, then maybe the war would not had happened. The economic issue with Germany, was not helped by the treaty, and even the makers saw that. They thought it would push Germany Bolshevism. Over all, I see the Treaty of Versailles as a fail due to the research I found.