Germany's Objections to the Treaty of Versailles

Germany's Objections to the Treaty of Versailles

Subsequent to the German government conceding defeat in World War I,

Britain, America and France wrote up a treaty that Germany had no

option but to sign. This treaty was the Treaty of Versailles and was

widely considered to be one of the harshest treaties ever written. The

German public obviously had many objections to the terms of the treaty

and this essay will discover what these objections are and how far

they are justified.

Article 231 of the treaty was the 'War guilt clause'. Although this

clause did not technically affect Germany economically or social it

was the clause that the Germans resented the most as it stated that

Germany was fully reasonable for the War. This was because Germany was

a very proud nation and a global super power for numerous years. The

public also strongly believed that Germany had not been the sole cause

of World War I and felt they had acted in self-defence. The views of

the German public to this clause are perfectly justifiable. To claim

Germany is solely responsible for World War I is completely

unrealistic as it was Austria-Hungary who declared war on Serbia

starting a chain of events resulting in a war involving most of

Europe. However Germany's claims that the attacking Russia was an act

of self defence was not completely true as Germany was in no direct

danger and it is likely that Austria-Hungary plight was an excuse to

take on Russia.

Another main term in the Treaty of Versailles was the reparations

(compensation) that the allies claimed they were owed for the

destruction caused by the war, which the allies ultimately considered

to b...

... middle of paper ... another that was harsh on Germany, but you

could see the allies reasoning behind it. The Germans view that the

clause destroyed Germany's global power and economy is justified,

however the term was vital to prevent Germany from a global power and

danger to everyone.

In conclusion, Germany had many complaints about the Treaty of

Versailles. Most of the complaints made are justified such as the

'reparations' being ridiculously too much and 'war guilt clause' was

also very unrealistic blaming Germany for the whole of the war.

However, some of Germans objections were not justified, such as

military restrictions, as the Allies have just been involved in a war

and had to reduce the threat imposed by Germany. All in all the Treaty

of Versailles was generally too harsh on Germany, but some of the

terms were justified.
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