Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

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Farenheit 451

Hello my name is Michael Clements, I attend Sout Gwinnett High School. In our English class we were assigned to read the book Farenhite 451. The book was verry unique unlike any other i have ever read. The author of Farenhite 451 told of much science fiction that became true over the present years. I think he is a verry good observer. In this paper the critics view, analysis of literacy device, and the revelance to society today. These topics will be mentioned and shared throught the paper.

The critic that criticizes you, Mr. Bradburry is verry supportive of your book Farenheit 451. The critic Pauln A. Gilster shars his thoughts on your book clearly and freely. The quote I chose from Gilsters article stated, "The real power of the tale is the lean language Bradburry assigns his villains. (Document A) I chose this small part because i am interested in the make up of your characters. One good quote from your novel that supports this is stated by Beatty, "For everyone nowadays knows absolutely nothing will ever happen to me." (133) When beatty says this he is refering to everyones thoughts. This shows the smoothness of the novel and the realistic imagry of todays society.

Throughout the book literary devices makes the writing exciting to read. A passage from a document shows the ritics response that i agree with. Gilster states "All of Bradburrys pieces of work are laced with extravagance, and airy chiffon's language."(Document A) Mr. Bradburry you are a brilliant. Imaginative writings are quoted to describe certain objects. "The police helicopters were rising so far away it seemed someone had blown the gray head off a dandelion flower. Two dozen of them flurried, wavering, indecisive, three miles off, like butterflies puzzled by autumn, and thy were plummeting down to land, one by one, here, there, softly kneading the streets where, turning back to beetles, they shreaked along the boulevards or, as suddenly, leaped back into the air, continuing their search."(226) This Writing From the novel Farenheit 451 was written with great similes metaphors and outstanding imagery. I in my imagination i could see the the helicopters as dandelion seeds. it also gave me a sense of a summer afternoon, i can see the helicopters making a shadow over the sunset. Only can i see this with your great description. not only can i see the helicopter i can feel it feel like i am there watching.

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