An Essay On The Iran Revolution

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The discovery of oil reserves in the Persian Gulf marked the beginning of the evolution of Iran to a modern industrial nation. (Document A) As the demand for crude oil skyrocketed, the wealth generated by Iran soared. The distribution of this wealth became a matter of contention. Additionally, with the transformation of Iran to an industrial nation, the introduction of western culture posed a problem for the strict Islamic community. The Iranian Revolution was a result of the economic, political, cultural and religious conflict that occurred within its borders. Before 1953 foreigners, more specifically the British, and the Shah, Mohammad Reza Pahlevi, were the benefactors of the wealth generated by oil production. In 1953 Prime Minister Mosaddegh confronted the Anglo-Persian Oil Company and took control of oil production in Iran. His intent was to use the oil production profits to improve the lives of the Iranian people. The British response was a blockade of the Persian Gulf in conjunction with an economic boycott. This brought oil production to a standstill. Winston Churchill, The British Prime Minister, turned to the United States President, Dwight David Eisenhower, to intervene. Churchill suggested to Eisenhower that Iran was close to aligning with the Soviet Union. The U.S. policy of containment meant that the U.S. would step in to avoid the spread of Communism. (Prior Knowledge) Operation Ajax, a joint effort by the CIA and MI6, caused the Shah to dismiss Mosaddegh which caused many Iranians to hate America. (Document A) The Shah used the wealth generated by oil production to westernize Iran, giving women more rights, peasants an opportunity to own land, and better health care and education. (Document D) The S... ... middle of paper ... ...d the Shah. (Document D) The hatred of the United States remained even after the death of Khomeini with radical Islamics declaring war on the west in the form of terrorism. (Prior Knowledge) The Revolution in Iran has had far reaching consequences in the Middle East and affects the political and cultural world as a whole. The war on terror has become a major component of the military efforts of the United States. The westernization of Iran and the large presence of American advisors during the reign of the Shah caused a religious backlash that changed the face of the government of Iran. It essentially became a religious dictatorship that opposed all things American. The Revolution that changed Iran was a direct response to the economic, political, cultural and religious values that occurred under the Shah that stood as an affront to the Shiite Islamic religion.
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