Facing the Giants

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When looking among Christian-produced films, a particular film production company stands out from the rest. This film production company is Sherwood Pictures. Sherwood Pictures has produced a number of films including Flywheel, Facing the Giants, Fireproof, and Courageous. Sherwood Pictures always puts forth a Christian theme or message in their films, and this is especially evident in their film Facing the Giants. Sherwood Pictures began with a pair of brothers, the Kendrick brothers, who were incredibly gifted in media and film (Catt). When asked where he would like to be in five years, Alex Kendrick replied that he would like to do film, but no church would keep him on staff if he did that (Catt). Pastor Michael Catt (the pastor of his church and the man who put Kendrick on staff at Sherwood Baptist Church) then encouraged Kendrick to create films if God was in it (Catt). From there, Sherwood Pictures was birthed beginning with their first film, Flywheel. After that, Facing the Giants was released in far better quality and workmanship than its predecessor. Facing the Giants was released in 2006 with Alex Kendrick as its director. The writers of the film were the brothers, Alex Kendrick and Stephen Kendrick. The film starred Alex Kendrick as the lead character, Grant Taylor, and Shannen Fields as his wife. Actors Alex Kendrick and Jason McLeod would be featured in Sherwood Pictures’ later films. Facing the Giants is a story about Grant Taylor, a football coach and husband who seems doomed to failure as he has coached six losing seasons and his household has long been in disarray. After the start of what seems to be another losing season, Grant discovers a group of parents and his own assistant coach conspiring to fire and rep... ... middle of paper ... ...film and in the production of the film line up with my faith. Nothing about Facing the Giants was any sort of questionable from a Christian standpoint. Facing the Giants is an excellent film that demonstrates the Christian faith and its view of God. The film was excellent in quality not only in production, but also in content. Many films today are not appropriate for Christians to view; in fact, they tend to be harmful to the Christian faith and spirit. This film, however, brings a turn around and fights the reality of secularism in the film industry. Facing the Giants is a breath of fresh air showing proper morals in production and in plot, and it shines a light for God in the darkness of the film industry. Works Cited Catt, Michael. "Our Beginning." Sherwood Pictures. N.p., n.d. Web. 05 Dec. 2013. New International Version. Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2003. Print.
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