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Throughout the story the author uses a variety of symbolism in The Great Gatsby to help develop the theme of immorality in the story. Multiple colors are used to symbolize aspects of immorality in the wealthy population at the time of The Great Gatsby. These symbols are especially present in the character Jay Gatsby throughout the story. The color green, representing needs and wants, is found multiple times in the story. Another color that helps develop the theme is white; this color represents false purity in a person or thing. Finally, corruption is usually a significant aspect of immorality especially in a wealthy setting, and under grave circumstances it can even lead to death. This segment of immorality is portrayed in the story using the color yellow. These symbols help develop the characteristics found in Jay Gatsby and also help support the theme of immorality as the book progresses. A vital symbol used throughout the story is the color green. Numerous times in the story the color green is used to describe Gatsby’s wants even though they may be unattainable. The most evident use of this symbol is the green light found on the end of Daisy’s dock. Various times in the story Gatsby is found gazing at the light located at the end of Daisy’s dock. It’s obvious that the light has a very significant meaning to him. It represents his extreme desire to win Daisy over and his willingness to do anything to do so. This devotion for winning Daisy over will fuel the decadence during The Great Gatsby. In chapter 5 it says “Possibly it had occurred to him that the colossal significance of that light had now vanished forever.” Upon winning over Daisy, Gatsby realized that his desire to be with her was becoming a reality r... ... middle of paper ... ...really helped portray the theme of immorality by the end of the book. In the end, The Great Gatsby used symbolism, an interesting story, and round characters to help get the message of immorality (coming with wealth and power) to its readers. This proves that the story is in fact literature and it has remained popular throughout time. It also shows a lot about what the author believed about human nature. As an individual gains more power and wealth, the story shows them becoming more corrupt with less concern for morals. Tom and Gatsby in particular became enamored with their economic situation while people such as George Wilson who don’t have financial success seem to be fairly innocent. This teaches a lesson to the reader to keep everything in perspective no matter their political situation. In conclusion, the book did a great job of displaying immorality.

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