Eyes Met with Trepidation

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It was 3.30 pm. There is no trace of Anagha. She had always been on time ever since the Comfort Caffe opened near her office. There were many customers sipping coffee and chatting incessantly with their friends or partners. But there was one girl who sat alone, wearing black jeans shirt or and a light blue blouse, with her head bent, constantly looking at her watch. When the waiter came in to take orders, she ordered a strong coffee and ice cold water. Her eyes were sunk by the amount of her sorrow she has been carrying along. Her face was colourless (pallid) either because she had been sick or she had been crying for a long time, probably a week or more than that. She looked around and saw many people leaving the caffe with ease (comfort), but there was no sign of her friend. She looked at her mobile to see if there were any messages or calls but there were none. By then waiter came with coffee along with a cup of ice cold water. She immediately gulped whole cup of the water leaving just the ice cubes in glass and placed it on the table with a sigh. Then she took the ice cubes and rolled them on her reddish and misty eyes and wiped the places around the area of her eyes with the napkin. She seemed like she was in a hurry.
Then the door opened with a sound and a girl walked in straight to the table and said, “ I am so sorry, Spandana, I stood you up for a long time. How are you doing?’’
‘’That’s perfectly okay. Moreover I called you this afternoon to ask you to meet up with me. I am glad that you agreed. I should thank you for that. How are you doing?’’
“Anything for you dear. I am doing fine. Is this place too far from your place?”
“It’s like the other end of the globe. It took me an hour to reach here. You know Bangalore...

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...e middle of the road at Vijayanagar. So her bus got stranded there for an hour. During that time Spandana who wa waiting for Anagha, started a conversation with the guy who was sitting and anxiously waiting for someone too because it was getting late to go for his work. The conversation she started just for time pass, turned out to be more than that. He told her about the job, his likes dislikes and she the vice versa. They became friends soon due to their commonalities, they exchanged phone numbers, chatted for hours and in a month they became close friends. And in two months they were in love or started dating each other. After the Masters, she worked for a year and they got married. Then they She wished many a times she would have loved the person like him. He was so kind and down to earth. And seeing them happy together always made her a kind of good jealous.

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