Exploring the Different Types of Special Needs Education

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Special Needs In earlier, more primitive civilizations, all persons were expected to be able-bodied in order to stay alive. Those persons who had defects noted at birth were note protected and allowed to die at delivery or in early years. As time progressed, researchers and medical doctors began to study and treat children with disabilities. These actions aided in supporting the live on children that are challenged with disabilities (Reynolds & Fletcher-Janzen, 2002) Special needs education is defined as teaching and support developed give attention to exceptional educational requirements. The phrase “special needs” in education has emerged to replace the phrase “special education.” Special education primarily gave reference to teaching children with disabilities in a separate facility away from and outside of customary school systems. The idea of special education needs for children expands further than those may be contained within normal handicapped classifications to include those who are unsuccessful in school for many different reasons that cause a child’s most advanta...

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