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Dating back to the mid to late 1800s women have been in the same fight for equality that is present today. Through national conventions, protests, and rallies women have been trying to endorse the right for equal privileges and opportunities between men and women. And while there have been major accomplishments, such as the right to vote, it seems as though women are still short of achieving full equality. Today, the fight to stop stereotypes and prejudices against women has come to a halt. Industries such as, the corporate business world has yet to be conquered by gender equality. Despite the past women’s right movement, today aspiring young business women trying to break into the industry are still face with discrimination, whether that is in regard to a lesser value on a female’s education, a disparity in pay or a repercussion for fertility; throughout not only this essay, but the rest of the course I will diagnosing and analyzing the reasons for this inequality.
At the turn of the century a woman’s main role was to be a housewife who took care of the children, the home, and the their husbands. Women were looked at as if they were more of an accessory than anything else, and consequently had they little to no voice. However, toward the middle of the 1800s, women decided to change this ideology. In 1850, a group of women gathered in Massachusetts to begin the fight for equal rights. More of these congregations were held and started to increase in attendance of women. Later on the meetings became known as the National Women’s Rights Convention. It was then that the fight for equal rights began and the movement known as Women’s Suffrage began to spread across the nation. However, success did not come at first. For years the suffra...

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...ay argue though the idea that if one is working for a lower pay grade job they should earn. Therefore a woman choosing a career in these lower paying jobs, ultimately means the gender pa gap is not an issue. However, women aren’t fighting for equality just between men and women in different fields of work, rather they are trying to gain equality within the same careers.
Equality has been a fight for women since the 1800s. And while women have achieved huge accomplishments, such as the right to vote, it seems they are always just short of attaining full equality among men in the working world. There still are stereotypical prejudices occurring in the workforce. For the rest of this research project I plan to reach further reasons behind gender inequalities in regards to sociological aspects present in society and hopefully come to a conclusion to this ongoing issue.
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