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Have you ever calculated how many hours you spend on electronic devices each day? For many years people have been arguing about electronic devices cause serious health problems to our world's society. Although many people view that electronic devices are affecting our fitness and general health. However, whether it is a positive or negative consequence, electronic devices are surrounding us in our daily life, as unique substances in our society continue to maintain functionality and provide citizen's basic needs. In addition, electronic devices can also provide us applications to keep track our daily activities; to avoid the fitness and health problems. One of the biggest benefits of using electronic devices is the ability to maintain functionality for our society. Around the world, every nation relies on electronic devices for their government, economy, and provide the newest information for the society. The author clearly states that, in the modern world, "Career often require to sit for hours in front of" electronic devices (Getting Fit with Technology, p.1). Clearly, we can see career require people to sit in the office and do most of their in the …show more content…

There are some fitness devices can be very motivating people to use them. As stated in the text, fitness devices can record every step and "people are more likely to take the stairs" instead of riding the elevator (Getting fit with Technology, p.1). The author demonstrates that technology is useful when you use it the right way. For example, Some phone's applications can earn you money according to the numbers of steps you do; this is a good motivation for people to be more physical activity. As shown above, electronic devices can encourage people to be physically active, if there is a reward system for been physical activity; it would be a good strategy for people to start doing

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