Examples Of Madness In Hamlet

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Hamlet is and always will be one of many aspects of the story. This range goes from affecting his girlfriend, Ophelia, to affecting Shakespeare’s most famous pieces of literature. This play does well portraying multiple themes, which are apparent in the story line, through the eyes of many difference characters. A few examples of these themes are revenge, madness, women, and mortality. However, one of the most obvious ones is madness. Throughout this play, there are several examples of Hamlet’s madness which affects the lives of several people. In Shakespeare’s Hamlet, our Prince’s condition progressively worsens to the point of madness. This can be observed first when Hamlet is approached by his father’s ghost, then when he killed Ophelia’s…show more content…
He realized what he has done, yet failed to comprehend its significance. Rather than calling for help and attempting to save Polonius, Hamlet calls him a “wretched, rash, intruding fool (III. iv. 32-35).” In addition to this strange behavior, he takes him out his mother’s chamber by dragging him out when he leaves. A huge importance of this bit is that it is one of the two main causes that turn Ophelia mad. The full reasoning behind it is, “Having lost Hamlet 's affection, she herself goes mad when Hamlet kills her father (Ophelia).” If losing Hamlet’s love was not enough to push her over, the loss of her father definitely was. Ophelia ends up dead in Act IV because she fell out of a tree, into the water, and her madness blinded her from the danger she was in. If anything, her death put Hamlet into a more ruined state than he already…show more content…
It is a very well-known and filled with countless themes, including revenge, madness, women, and mortality. One theme that stood out, throughout the play, was madness. It was best portrayed through the main character, Hamlet, but can also be seen in a few other characters, like Ophelia. Hamlet’s madness is displayed many times throughout the play, each time becoming progressively worse and worse than the previous. Our Prince’s condition get so bad that he reaches the point of madness. This can be observed first when Hamlet is approached by his father’s ghost. This aspect of the play seems plausible due to the presents of several other characters who witnessed this. It is important, nonetheless, because Shakespeare uses scene drives the idea of revenge deep into Hamlet’s head. His condition clearly worsened when he killed Ophelia’s father, Polonius. To kill a man is bad enough, but to kill someone because you thought it was another individual is crazy. In addition, Ophelia was Hamlet’s girlfriend. The last bit that evidently showed Hamlet was going insane was when he saw his father’s ghost the second time. While it was just him and his mother, he was the only one who saw the ghost. His mother saw nothing and honestly believed Hamlet was going mad. Shakespeare showed impeccable talent in writing this play. The skill used to show the transition of Hamlet’s condition was truly
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