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530 words

Matthew Wegner Mrs. Schroder English IV 30, November 2016 Frankenstein Essay Frankenstein a young man playing god. Only has his mind on two things on his mind his natural philosophy (science) and his cousin Elizabeth that he has interest in. Frankenstein lets his ego lead him and he creates some massive problems for Elizabeth and himself not to mention the monster he created. Victor Frankenstein the lead character in the book attends college. The only thing on Victor's mind when he was in college had been his natural philosophy and his cousin elizabeth. He did great for himself so well that he had created this colossal ego that fueled his craving for power and greatness. That was not enough for victor he needed more power. From his power hungry ego he creates a magnificent idea to try and create life. This had not been done before then. Victer then progressed on to construct life. He was in disarray when he completed his construction of life he then named it Creature. Victor thought the …show more content…

The creature had planned that him and his wife would go to South America and live there where no one could bother the both of them. Victor believes this is a well instructed plan and he starts his work at creating the monsters wife. Once Victor had started his work he stopped and pondered on the idea that what if the creatures started to have children or if they tried to attack humans. Victor made the decision that he would not continue to build the creators wife. Then the creature was in an uproar that Victor had gone back on his word. He then went and killed the victors love elizabeth strangling her to death. Victor was so upset that he decide that he would spend the rest of his days looking for his creature to get revenge. He does fall short of his plans to seek out the creature. The Creature finds victor before victor could find him and the creature killed

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how frankenstein lets his ego lead him and creates massive problems for elizabeth and himself.
  • Analyzes how victor thought the monster was so grotesque he wouldn't even give him a name other than the creature. the creature soon grew an interest in other people and relationships.
  • Narrates how the creature found victor frankenstein and asked if he would create a wife for him. victor decided to stop building the monster's wife and killed the victors love elizabeth.
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