Mary Shelley's Frankenstein - How Victor’s Creation became a Monster

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How Victor’s Creation became a Monster in Frankenstein

The name of Mary W. Shelley somehow hidden behind the fame of her best known work, Frankenstein. The story of Frankenstein has past through the years without being forgotten, while the name of Mary Shelley is unknown to the general public. Following the plot of her own story, Mary Shelley is, somehow, the "victim" of her creation. Frankenstein can be seen as the story of a terrible monster who threatens society. It is the purpose of this essay to illustrate that it is actually society that has made a monster of Frankenstein.

Victor Frankenstein is a young and eminent student who decides to break the bounderies between life and death.
His desire will take him to work hard , even getting seriously ill , to achieve something that nobody has reached before : life after death .He devotes himself to that single pursuit :

"I was thus enganged , heart and soul , in one pursuit " (p.59)

but everything changes when he sees for the first time his creation:

"How can I describe my emotions at this catastrophe?" and "I beheld the wretch - the miserable monster whom I had created "(p.62 and 63).

From this moment , the new creation is idetified as a monster , and just like that will be treated during the whole story , not only by a cruel and intolerant society , but by his creator, Victor , who rejects him from the beginning.
Frankenstein , for me , is the sad story of those who are shaped by hostility , who spend their lives running away from hatred and looking for something called happiness.
This is the story of a ...

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...e purest creature of earth?"(p.210)

The monster has fulfilled his threaten : is the answer to an indiferent Victor who could have stopped everythig from the beginnig but that now is paying the highest price : seing those he loves killed by his own creation.

Victor is , with his decisions , the guilty one for every murder: he is the one who decided to create human being , but was not able to be responsible for him and he could have stopped the deaths by creating a female mate for his monster , instead , he broke a promise knowing the consequences.

Finally , I would like to say that Frankenstein is the story of a stupid man who played to be God , who failed but who never took the responsability for what he had done . I t is the story of those who are always searchig for love and who ask themselves if life is worthy.
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