Examples Of Fear In The Crucible

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Fear is the vital response to emotional or physical danger (Psychology Today). Without it, humans wouldn’t be able to function. Fear can also be triggered by other people. In The Crucible, the fear of witches and with attacks causes characters to go into a frenzy. In modern times, the fear of clowns and clown attacks is doing just the same. Fear drives the masses in The Crucible by causing characters to accuse randoms as witches with little or ridiculous proof to protect themselves from being accused and in modern times, the clown epidemic is causing people to go to extreme measures to protect themselves against surprise attacks. In The Crucible, the fear of witches is present throughout the whole play. Any abnormal behavior is immediately …show more content…

Being a witch wreaks havoc on your reputation that people would rather hang then be accused. Proctor, unfortunately was one of those people who would rather die. He couldn’t bear to lose his name, especially after his lechery scandal. “I have confessed myself,” Proctor says, “Is there no good penitence but it be public? God does not need my name nailed upon the church! God sees my name; God knows how black my sins are! It is enough!” (Miller, 132). Proctor knows that his name will be tarnished for decades to come, and it is all he has left of who he is. God knows the terrible things he has done, and he knows it himself too, his name doesn’t need to be dragged along with it. It is all he has left. Lastly, fear is shown in the play through Mary Warren. After Abigail’s constant accusations towards her, to take the attention away from herself she accuses Proctor. “You’re the devil’s man...I’ll not hang with you! I love God! I love God!” (Miller). Mary Warren goes off on a rant in court saying he asked her to throw the court and sign the devil’s book. By accusing such a high powered, well respected man, the attention is immediately taken off of her, and saved her

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