Everything Explained in the Bible in Arthur Miller’s play The Crucible

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Arthur Miller’s play The Crucible is set in Puritan Salem, where people are deeply religious. The Puritans believe God is the creator of all things and if the Bible does not explain their questions or doing, they are the devil’s work. Also during this time period, the Puritans closely watch their neighbors to see what they are doing. In the beginning of the story, the protagonist Abigail and a bunch of girls are performing witchcraft in the woods, which is against the Puritans’ laws. When Abigail’s Uncle Reverend Parris found out, he needs to protect his repetition, so he demands Abigail to cover for him and stop the rumor that has been spread across Salem about the girls committing non Puritan acts out in the woods. As a result, Abigail, along with the girls, started accusing others for to cover up their wrong doings. The fear of witchcraft gives those who are weak and powerless individuals’ control over Salem, and they abuse that power to their advantage and benefit themselves, proving hysteria can cause madness to extremely religious people like the Puritans in Salem.
Abigail and the girls were in the woods performing witchcraft for their own purpose. Abigail’s goal was to place a spell on Elizabeth, wife of John Proctor, and Abigail and John Proctor recently had an affair. Now, Salem is spreading the rumor of witchcraft, Abigail takes the opportunity to accuse Elizabeth of witchcraft so she and John can be together. Abigail has a perfect opening to implement her plan when she saw Mary Warren, one of the girls in the woods dancing, making a doll and stabbing the needle in the doll’s stomach two inches deep; therefore, Abigail employs this exact same thing. “She sat to dinner in Reverend Parris’s house tonight, and without wor...

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...urt system and the judges into believe that everything can be witchcraft, as long as the girls pretend it.
Ultimately, in the play The Crucible by Arthur Miller, hysteria brought terror to the people of Salem because due to people’s curiosity they needed an explanation to the rumors spreading around in Salem about witchcraft and the result was townspeople accusing others for personal benefits and placing fear to the people of Salem. Like Abigail using the rumor of witchcraft in Salem to frame Elizabeth Proctor of witchcraft and getting closer to being with John Proctor and Mr. and Mrs. Putnam use the rumor of witchcraft and accuse Rebecca Nurse of murdering their babies to their advantage for revenge. Lastly, Mary Warren, Abigail and the girls from the wood manipulate the court and the judge into believing there are witches in Salem for their own personal benefits.
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