Example Of Mindfulness In Nursing

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Mindfulness can best be characterized as a condition of dynamic, open consideration on the present. When you are mindful, you deliberately watch your musings and emotions without passing judgment on them great or awful. You are living and being in the moment. Being a nursing professional this is particularly helpful when caring for patients. One evening I was caring for an elderly gentleman on the medical floor, no telemetry. We spent time together while I admitted him and listened to his concerns about needing to get home to care for his wife with dementia because his son was only going to be in town for the weekend and there was no one else to care for her after he left. Early the next morning I found my patient setting at the side of his…show more content…
She asked if it could wait until she finished her conversation, and I told her no, that my patient was having a heart attack. The patient was moved to the intensive care unit and underwent a heart catheterization the next day. Over the years I have become more sedentary. Obtaining a degree online has meant long hours sitting at the computer reading, researching and writing papers, spending time entering contests and playing games on the computer does not help either. I would like to improve my health by becoming more active. Being more active would lower my blood pressure and decrease my risk for diabetes. I also need to improve my dietary habits. The cafeteria at work serves panini sandwiches at lunch that are easier to grab and eat at my desk while I am working than taking the time to pack a more nutritious meal at home and bringing it to work. I can easily walk between 12,000 and 13,000 steps a day when I am at work, I need to take the time to move more when I am not at work on my days off, a daily walk of at least thirty minutes a day would be my goal. I tend to put everyone else's feelings and needs before myself. If someone needs a day off I end up trading with them, and canceling any plans I have, which makes me angry; I very

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